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Best Dashboard Camera For Car In 2018

First of all, I would like to discuss the benefits

  • You can use dash cam video as an evidence.
  • The best solution for untrained drivers.
  • You can record your entire road trip.
  • You can activate parking mode to prevent accidents.

Now I am going to discuss some best front and rear dash camera below:

DBPOWER 2.7″ Dash Cam, Car On-dash Video Recorder G-sensor Vehicle Camera Camcorder

It is a very compact dashboard camera, you can say it pocket dash cam. You will get 1080p HD recording with this DBPOWER dash cam and you can also adjust wide-angle up to 120 degrees.

Here is one more amazing feature which is you can record every video in the loop means when your memory card will be full then your recording will not stop, Dashcam will delete the previous video to save next one.

Some special features:
  • The camera will turn on automatically when you will start driving.
  • You can connect it with T.V for the larger view.
  • It is very easy to install.


DBPOWER 2.7″ Dash Cam

Z-EDGE Dual Lens Dash Cam 4-Inch

It is one of the best dash cameras. I am personally using this camera for my car and it is working fucking awesome. And one of the best quality of this dash cam is it is dual lenses camera which can record front and rear both types of video. Means a single camera will record your front and record both videos.

With is z-edge dash cam you can record 1440p Full HD recording in front and I would like to talk about rear camera then you can record 1080p Full HD recording with the rear camera, So both cameras are amazing in video quality, you can capture full HD videos in every condition. You will get 12 hours recording.

Some special features:
  • You can capture front and rear both types of videos.
  • You will get the large LED display in this dashboard camera.
  • Long lasting battery life.

Z-EDGE Dual Lens Dash Cam

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD 1080P Front + 720P Rear Dash Cam

The KDLINKS DX2 contains three-inch screen and a powerful camera which can do clear reading of a license plate at a reasonable distance. It features super wide 165-degree front and 125-degree rear viewing angle.

Capable to record high-def resolution of 1080p at 30fps.It also includes a night-vision features using f.16 six-glass lenses and a micro SD card of 32GB to make lengthy recording. Other than that it provides extra recording space of 32 gigabytes with the purchase of a larger Micro SD card.

It has an emergency lock button which you can press in situation of an accident and recorded video will be protected from being overwritten. The accident auto detection feature will also be engaged when a collision is detected. With a three-year warranty.


Source: Dash Cam Geek


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